Last night of Jazzfest 2015, featuring "Outside the Box"

Opening night of the Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition last night, featuring "Outside the Box "

Outside the Box to screen at Jazzfest 2015 Kolkata India 27-29 November.

The work has also been selected for the Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition. The 27th is also the private view for that show.

Outside the Box book. Featuring contributions from Haftor Medbøe and Rory Maclean, and a revealing and imaginative essay by Louise Milne.

Press clippings from the Studio 21 exhibition: "Outside the Box":

The gallery staged a symposium on experimental cinema in response to the show.  The symposium featured contributions from film makers and artists including, Anik Datta, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Suman Mukhopadhyay, Uma Ray, and Sourav Roy Chowdhury, and was covered by the Telegraph India.

I gave a talk about my work at Studio 21 on the last day of the show, and later in July to students at Calcutta University.  I spent last week at Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan, speaking to students and faculty in the new Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts. I hope to return in the winter to give a series of practical seminars and show some work.

Shooting a new work,  'Ballygunge Phari' yesterday in South Kolkata.

Many thanks to Kwality restaurant, Ballygunge for all their help with this project.

Outside the Box exhibition installation views:

These Measures are for Your Protection

Outside the Box

The Persistence of Vision

Time Machine

Giving a talk about my work to MPhil students at the University of Calcutta. Photo courtesy Sanjukta Dasgupta.

Outside the Box
An exhibition of new video works by
Paul Holmes
June 19 - July 3, 2015

Opening June 19, 6 p.m
Saturday, July 4, 2015
An interactive discussion with the artist
Time: 5.30 pm - 7 pm

Looking forward to your active participation.

Manas Acharya

Studio 21
17L, Dover Terrace, Kolkata 700 019, Tel:2486 6735

Paul Holmes (b.1966) spent two decades as a director, making dozens of hours of programmes for the BBC and the other major British TV channels, and films that were distributed around the world in festivals, on DVD and on television. In 2012 he redirected his practice towards visual art.

By manipulating the duration and rhythm of the moving image, his work exposes structures of movement and meaning that are unseen in standard time frames.  He uses still images, film, graphics and sound to transform our understanding of modes of expression and viewing, and of narrative and performance.

Paul Holmes also teaches at the School of Arts and Creative Industries, Edinburgh Napier University.

Outside the Box
An exhibition of new video work by Paul Holmes. 

This solo exhibition for Studio 21 gallery, Kolkata contains four video works developed over the last three years:

Outside the Box, the exhibition’s eponymous work, is a study of the facial ticks and tells of guitarist Haftor Medbøe's Scandinavian jazz band as they navigate the half-rehearsed landscape of a jazz set. Over the course of an hour's performance, the unflinching gaze of the camera gives a tantalising glimpse of the agonies and triumphs of creative inspiration.  

True to the long-standing relationship between performance and video art, two of the works involve Paul Holmes himself as the model.  In “Time Machine”, a high speed camera is trained on the artist's face as he subjects it to the most punishing of facial workouts.  The result is a study of facial movement in super-slow-motion and a commentary on our desire to slow the process of ageing. He also features in “These Measures are for Your Protection”, a film that responds to the function of stress positions in history and the role of the photobooth in contemporary society.  It uses editing and sound to create a form of static choreography in which the artist is confined by the cell-like space of the booth that is capturing his image. 

Inspired by the pe-eminence of text in contemporary communications, the final film, “The Persistence of Vision” tells its story direct from the script in a text-ticker rather than through images and action.  This post-cinema format couples with the script's preoccupations with speaking and looking to raise issues of the self, the other and language. 

Paul Holmes said of the exhibition: “I am thrilled to be showing this work, some of it for the first time, at Studio 21 in Kolkata.  I have been a regular visitor to the city for several years and have always been impressed by the vibrant cultural scene here.”

Paul Holmes has published an artist’s book, “Outside the Box”, to coincide with the exhibition.  It contains a new essay by critic Louise Milne, written passages by composer and band-leader Haftor Medbøe, and discussions between the artist and psychologist Rory Maclean about the work’s research implications.  It will be available for sale from Studio 21 gallery.

Paul is grateful for the support of the ICCR, Rabindra Bharati University and the British Council during his stay in India.

UPDATE:  Opening night, Friday 19th June 2015.  The exhibition was inaugurated by British Deputy High Commissioner Scott Furssedonn-Wood (pictured below top).  He said in his speech that "We are lucky to be able to welcome to Kolkata a British artist like Paul Holmes whose innovative work makes us see things in a different light, and changes the way we think about the world around us."

Pictures courtesy of Studio 21 curator Manas Acharya.

Projection tests for 'These Measures are for Your Protection', 'Outside the Box' exhibition, Studio 21, Kolkata, June 2015.

Preparing for the 'Walk on the Line' Environmental Art exhibition at Chander Haat, Kolkata.  The exhibition showcases work from a wide range of independent contemporary artists working in the city and was coordinated by Studio 21 curator Manas Acharya.

Meeting with curator Manas Acharya to discuss my solo show, 'Outside the Box', at Studio 21, Kolkata, India.

'Outside the Box' installation tests.  Photography by Alkistis Terzi.  31 March 2015.

'Outside the Box' stills from the first grading tests.  Grade by my brilliant cinematographer, Alkistis Terzi. February 2015.

Outside the Box postproduction, using a split screen to cut between the players.  The split screen will also form the basis of our research project.  Entitled 'Involuntary Facial Expressions and the Creative Act', it is an investigation into the relationship between the faces a musician makes during improvisation and the music they are creating.  Winter 2014/15.

Outside the Box shoot.  July 2014.  Production stills, featuring Haftor Medboe, Andrew Lisle, Espen Eriksen and Dave Kane.

'Outside the Box' moving image test days, spring 2014.

'Outside the Box' stills tests, February 2014.

Back on the Isle of Lewis, inspiration for 'The Persistence of Vision', July 2014.